FOUR seasons collection

Our new FOUR seasons collection is dedicated to our unity with nature and the world around us. It's about the darkest night before dawn and how we can see the sun in the darkest times. About the cyclical nature of our existence - after all, after winter, spring always comes.

The morning fog gently envelops the shore and the dunes as the waves beat monotonously against the golden sand. Nature draws whimsical pictures: algae scattered with amber pieces and mother-of-pearl shells, wood planks perfectly polished over the years and solidified seaweed - this is the endless performance of nature - a great, unsurpassed artist. Ever-changing colors, mixed textures, beautiful halftones of the Baltic natural world - these are the inspirations for our new capsule collection FOUR seasons.


In the FOUR seasons collection, the illustrious shades of the sky, water, and grass prevail. Light dresses in white, and light blue/grey tones, light tops, and trousers that can be easily combined and matched. The shades are complex and deep, and the color of the fabric is slightly uneven, imitating frescoes. Your image will not look too bright, and will add sophistication to your look.

The JUNA logo is a four-leaf clover, and our FOUR seasons collection embraces four components - texture, color, details, and shape - that connect the entire collection into one whole, despite the fact that each outfit is individual in nature.

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