About Us

JUNA is a private label that offers women contemporary apparel of impeccable style and superior quality. All garments are made by hand, filled with intricate details, and accented with custom elements. The result is a collection that is stylish, elegant and comfortable.

Style - JUNA was created to make a woman feel elegant, sophisticated and confident. It offers products that transcend time and become staples of a woman's wardrobe. We utilize classic style as the backbone of our designs and accent each item with beautiful elements that make it interesting, different and unique. Intricate stitching, handmade finishes and custom silver logo buttons add beautiful touches that enhance the garment's presentation and visual appeal.

Fit - JUNA was created with real women in mind. While the look of collection is stylish and elegant, it is tailored to provide perfect fit, comfort and wearability. In designing the collection, we consider how real women are built, the different lifestyles they lead and the variety of roles they play. The result is a collection that provides a unique combination of style, quality and comfort.

Quality - JUNA utilizes the finest fabrics to create the most exquisite designs. We are committed to working with natural fabrics and source silk, wool, cashmere, cotton and linen from the best mills around the world. Our adherence to quality goes beyond choosing the best fabric; it is the cornerstone of how our products are designed and assembled. All of the garments are handmade utilizing the finest craftsmanship. From every seam to every custom element, we pay close attention to all details in order to create garments that last and maintain their look and fit through the seasons.