Our Philosophy

Social networks, magazines, newspapers and news channels are filled with stories about the environment: “The Planet is in Danger”, “We are on the Brink of a Disaster”, “Climate Change”
In March 2020, National Geographic released a fascinating article titled “The End of Trash,” discussing how mankind continuously disrupts nature’s cycle of replenishment by taking resources and producing harmful waste. While the article was fascinating, but it was the photo showing bundles of rags and discarded clothing published alongside it that made us write this post. The clothing in the photo was aggregated at a facility in Prata, Italy ready to be re-processed, rather than become landfill.  This action taken by the large players in the fashion industry to reduce their environmental footprint made us consider the effect that we, a small fashion design business, have on our environment.

Our brand, Juna, is a privately held fashion label that partners with private ateliers to produce unique garments and makes them available through communities of independent designers and small boutiques. We employ a different methodology from the large fashion brands which is evident in how we source our resources and manage the entire production cycle. Our philosophy is simple, “take only what you need, use it economically to product minimal waste, and make garments durable so they lasts.”  Taking this approach, we strive to be “environmentally friendly” at every step of the process, thereby reducing the need for mass reprocessing of “trash” at the end of the cycle.

How can a small business, like ours, contribute to the effort to preserve our environment?
- In our design studio, economic survival requires every element and every step of the process to be thought through to the tiniest detail to minimize waste and improve efficiency.  
- We do not produce large quantities of goods that need to be disposed of when unsold at the end of the season.  Rather, our production is released in smaller batches and is continuously improved, modified and adjusted based on demand.
- We offer a wide range of fabrics for different models and can custom produce your favorite item within a week. This gives us the opportunity to offer customers exactly what they want and to allocate our resources economically.
- Quality is the cornerstone of our brand and it is evident in our exceptional tailoring, exquisite fabrics, unique buttons, and every tiny detail necessary to produce our products. Thus, clothing created by us lasts longer and does not need to be constantly replaced or recycled.  
- At the end of each season, we hold special events and participate in pop-up shops to ensure that all garments find a happy home. In contrast to large manufacturers, none of our items go to scrap.

We may be a small business, but through our philosophy and business processes we make large contributions to preserving our environment.  We create “NO TRASH” and thereby respect, value and protect the well-being of the world we live in.


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